Suggested Videos for Business Intelligence

Microsoft BI: All you need to know about  (15 min)…..

Cisco unified intelligence (3:53 min)

Optional: End-to-End BI (10:55 min)

What is data mining (for an association)? (6:05)

Data Mining Applications: Improve CRM (7:20 min)

Team 17- Data Mining (6:32 min)

Optional: IS project data mining (students’ project) (5:25 min) http://www/

Text mining, what it is? (6:24 min)

Google wave: NLP (5:04 min)

Vertical Browser (text mining)

Optional: Beginning Analytics (9:07 min)

Optional: Text Mining (Copernic) (6:32 min)

SAP Business suite 7: TCM (4:59 min)

Queen’s Business consulting strategy maps (6:25 min) 

The balance scorecard (1:44 min)

Optional: The Dashboard Driving Business (9:57 min)

Optional: BEZvision (2:26 min)

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