Suggested Videos for Decision Making

Decision-making made easier (5:24 min)  

Better Decision Making (5:24 min)

Optional: When emotions make better decisions (3:32)

Optional: E-Commerce Remain… in Vietnam (1:35 min)

Optional: 01 Managerial decision making (8:34)

Integrating Risk Management with decision making- Part 1 (9 min) 

Expected value (8 min)…

Optional: How it all ends: Risk Management Part 1 (9 min); 7 parts feature=fvw

Decision Trees Part 1 (6:35 min)

Decision Trees part 2 (4:48 min)

How to use Expert Choice software (Demo, 7 min)

Optional: AHP; in investment analysis (8 min)

Introduction to Excel Solver (8:16 min)

Sensitivity Analysis: LP

Car Sales Simulator (3:3 min) v=AVOuJlyMWGU

Optional: ASDN (Software Demo) (3 min)

Optional: What – if analysis (2:26 min)

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