Software Support for DSS/BI Books

December 9th, 2013

Our books are written to be software independent. That is, your students can gain an understanding of the potential and actual use of analytics without any specific software. However, to give a hands-on exposure to some tools, we share our own experiences and resources. This list is just to get you started. There are many other options in each category.

Descriptive/Reporting Analytics

We have used three packages for an introduction to descriptive analytics:

MicroStrategy is available through Teradata University Network (TUN). This includes a full tutorial and homework assignments using a sample data set. Faculty and student registration for TUN is required, but it is free.

Tableau Visualization makes an academic version available to students at this link:

SAS Visual Analytics can also be found through TUN.

Predictive Analytics

There are many different software tools available for faculty and students to develop skills and experiences in predictive analytics. We ourselves have used the following tools recently:

SAS Enterprise Miner – A commercial data/text mining software tool – see Academic Program

IBM SPSS ModelerA commercial data/text mining software tool – see Academic Alliance

Statistica – A commercial data/text mining software tool

RapidMinerAn open source data and text mining tool

KNIME – A free data and text mining tool

WEKA – An open source data and text mining tool

TanagraA freeware data mining tool

R – A community project for analytics and statistics

Prescriptive Analytics

There are many tools available for Prescriptive Analytics, depending upon specific applications category.  OR/MS Today includes software reference and links for information on many of these tools:

Chapter 9 of the DSS Book refers to the following tools:

Microsoft Excel – built-in software. Used for linear, integer, and nonlinear programming models.

Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) – the Expert Choice or freeware app Hipre

Simulation – we primarily use Simio to teach simulation in our analytics courses.

Welcome to DSSBI BOOK Companion Website

December 9th, 2013

Welcome to the author blog site for the textbooks on Analytics, Decision Support Systems, and Business Intelligence. This site serves as complement to the site maintained by Pearson Higher Education:  Here we will provide links to software guides as well as additional content. We also urge instructors using our book to check out Teradata University Network (TUN). TUN includes extensive resources for teaching these topics. These resources include case studies, white papers, webinars, homework assignments (and their solutions), etc.  Software experiences in analytics topics are possible through TUN resources. For example, you can have your students experience Microstrategy software through TUN. A recent addition is SAS Visual Analytics. Additional resources are added to TUN frequently.


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We welcome your suggestions for additional resources to be included on this site.

Thank you for using our textbook.

Ramesh Sharda

Dursun Delen

Efraim Turban


Erratum in DSS and BI Systems: 9th Edition

February 5th, 2012

Figure 5.3 (pp. 227), the leftmost column should have sequential transaction numbers 1…6 rather than all 1’s.

Suggested Videos for Data Mining Software

June 19th, 2010

Rapid Miner video tutorials; more videos and learning materials can be found at RapidMiner Web site.

IBM SPSS Modeler (formerly SPSS Clementine) Introductory Videos

Statistica Data Miner video tutorials

SAS Analytics (including Enterprise Miner) interactive video tour

An introduction to use of R for data mining

Introduction to KNIME data mining tool

Suggested Videos for Business Intelligence

June 18th, 2010

Microsoft BI: All you need to know about  (15 min)…..

Cisco unified intelligence (3:53 min)

Optional: End-to-End BI (10:55 min)

What is data mining (for an association)? (6:05)

Data Mining Applications: Improve CRM (7:20 min)

Team 17- Data Mining (6:32 min)

Optional: IS project data mining (students’ project) (5:25 min) http://www/

Text mining, what it is? (6:24 min)

Google wave: NLP (5:04 min)

Vertical Browser (text mining)

Optional: Beginning Analytics (9:07 min)

Optional: Text Mining (Copernic) (6:32 min)

SAP Business suite 7: TCM (4:59 min)

Queen’s Business consulting strategy maps (6:25 min) 

The balance scorecard (1:44 min)

Optional: The Dashboard Driving Business (9:57 min)

Optional: BEZvision (2:26 min)

Suggested Videos for Decision Making

June 18th, 2010

Decision-making made easier (5:24 min)  

Better Decision Making (5:24 min)

Optional: When emotions make better decisions (3:32)

Optional: E-Commerce Remain… in Vietnam (1:35 min)

Optional: 01 Managerial decision making (8:34)

Integrating Risk Management with decision making- Part 1 (9 min) 

Expected value (8 min)…

Optional: How it all ends: Risk Management Part 1 (9 min); 7 parts feature=fvw

Decision Trees Part 1 (6:35 min)

Decision Trees part 2 (4:48 min)

How to use Expert Choice software (Demo, 7 min)

Optional: AHP; in investment analysis (8 min)

Introduction to Excel Solver (8:16 min)

Sensitivity Analysis: LP

Car Sales Simulator (3:3 min) v=AVOuJlyMWGU

Optional: ASDN (Software Demo) (3 min)

Optional: What – if analysis (2:26 min)